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Are you looking for a way to reach physicians in Indianapolis and the surrounding counties?  Look to the IMS Bulletin for direct contact to over 1,000 physician members.  Our 2023 Media Kit is now available.

Emotional PPE

Emotional PPE is a haven for health care providers experiencing stress in their personal and professional lives. Licensed therapists volunteer time to provide support and guidance for their colleagues who are facing unprecedented stressors. If you or someone you know could benefit from a supportive chat, consider finding an Emotional PPE volunteer from your state. 

ISMA 2022 Final Resolutions

See the results from the 2022 ISMA Convention

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Any new member to join the IMS in 2023 will receive 50% off IMS dues for the first year of membership.  This is a one-time offer.  Join now and learn what all the fuss is about.

Air Travel Insurance

IMS Members are eligible for Free Air Travel Insurance Coverage.  This is a benefit paid for by the Society to protect our members in the event of death or major injury during air travel.  Members must complete this form, Air Travel Insurance Website E Form, and send in the Society’s office one time to sign up.  Be sure to do so today!  

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“Every eligible physician of Marion County owes it to himself to join the Indianapolis Medical Society, for by so doing he helps himself professionally, scientifically, and financially.”

Max A. Bahr, MD

“With all the encroachment on our professionalism, professional organizations are more important than ever and the only tangible way to look out for our patients ourselves and our profession.”

Dr. Chris Bojrab

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