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Welcome Members!  This page is where IMS members have access to all types of information from the Society and are able to communicate with each other via a closed network.  

What’s New: find out our latest advocacy and community efforts

Dietary Supplement Reform

Statement: Indianapolis Medical Society’s Executive Committee contacted United States Senator Mike Braun to encourage his engagement and support of the effort to modernize the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) which provides the regulator framework over dietary supplements.

Gov Holcomb Letter on Cigarette Tax

Statement: Indianapolis Medical Society joined with 21 other health care organizations to send a letter to Governor Holcomb asking him to support a $2 increase in the cigarette tax and more investment in Indiana’s health programs during the 2021 session.  You can join us in the fight against tobacco and send the Governor a message by going HERE

Statements Against Racism

Statement: Indianapolis Medical Society agrees with both the AMA and ISMA’s statements against racism.

City-County Council Email

Advocacy Letter: IMS Executive Committee to City-County Council, Public Safety Commission asking them to ban the use of chemical irritant agents, including CS tear gas and OC pepper spray, in our community.

Patient Advocate

Advocacy Letter: Executive Committee to Indianapolis and surrounding hospital CMOs regarding new patient visit policies for caregivers and family members of patients with cognitive disabilities.



Press Release: Quote from Dr. Eric Tibesar, President, regarding partnership with the Marion County Public Health Department on the fight against COVID-19.

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Member Information Blog

A history of information provided to our members at past events, board meetings, etc. An easily accessible, a point-of-resource or database of information for our members to return to where they can access past information.