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About Us

The Indianapolis Medical Society was established in 1848 and has more than 1,000 members in the greater Indianapolis area. We are a professional membership organization for all licensed physicians, Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathy, in the Indianapolis and surrounding area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Indianapolis Medical Society provides our members with a variety of services.  These are some of the most common questions we receive along with their answers.

Does the Exchange have email?2018-09-19T20:52:35+00:00

Yes, it is available. The preference, however, is that schedules or changes arrive via fax or phoned in personally, to ensure accuracy.

What documentation should accompany my application?2018-09-19T20:47:51+00:00
Copies of State & Federal DEA Licenses and Board Certifications are required. While a black & white or color photo is requested for inclusion on the IMS website; it is optional. The lack of a photo will not delay the application process.
How will I know when the application is approved?2018-09-19T20:46:49+00:00

All applications are presented to the IMS Executive Committee Members for consideration on a monthly basis. Following each EC Meeting, acceptance packets are mailed to New Members.

Do I need to complete a separate application for the Indiana State Medical Association or the American Medical Association?2018-09-19T20:46:36+00:00

No. Membership begins at the county level. Once an application is approved, it is forwarded to the state and national associations, as appropriate.

If a physician currently holds ISMA Membership through another county and has relocated either their residence or practice, how do they transfer their membership?2018-09-19T20:46:23+00:00

The physician or a member of his/her staff should contact Vicki Riley, ISMA Membership Coordinator at 261-2060 and request a transfer of the physician’s membership. If dues have already been paid for the current year, no dues are required; however, if dues have not been paid, they should be submitted to ISMA upon the transfer request.

If a physician currently holds membership through another county, can he/she belong to the Indianapolis Medical Society as well?2018-09-19T20:46:11+00:00

Yes. A physician who holds their primary Active membership through another county, in the State of Indiana, can be offered Affiliate membership with IMS. Annual dues are $325.00 and entitle an Affiliate member to the same benefits as our Active members. Please contact Tyna at (317) 639-3406 to start this process.

Can I just join the county, or do I have to join the state as well?2018-09-19T20:45:41+00:00

IMS Membership requires membership in the Indiana State Medical Association and the 7th District Medical Society. The 7th District includes those counties contiguous to Marion County. While membership in the American Medical Association is encouraged, it is not required.

What are membership qualifications?2018-09-19T20:45:29+00:00

Any physician (M.D. or D.O.) who resides or practices in the Marion County or any county immediately adjacent to Marion is eligible for IMS Membership.

What are Membership benefits?2018-09-19T20:42:59+00:00

IMS Member benefits include: Free Physician Referral Service; Free $100,000 Air Travel Flight Insurance; Free Medi-file cards for Members’ patients; Free first-time Announcement Labels; discount for Subscribers of The Medical Society Exchange Answering Service (the Society’s wholly-owned medical answering service); 20% Discount with iSalus OfficeEMR®; Collection services through I.C. System; Discounts with Staples® & Hertz®. In addition to all of these benefits, IMS Members can also rent the Society’s newly-renovated Conference Center for either their professional events or personal celebrations!

What is the cost of Membership?2018-09-19T20:33:00+00:00

The amount varies due to the time of year and the physician’s status (i.e. Active, 1st Year of Practice, or Resident/Fellow). Dues amounts are listed on the back of the application; however, do phone the IMS Membership Secretary, Tyna, at (317) 639-3406 for the exact amount when the application is ready for submission. Membership processing begins once full payment has been received.

A new doctor has joined our practice. How do I enroll this physician as an Indianapolis Medical Society Member?2018-09-19T20:32:46+00:00

Print the PDS Membership Application. Complete, sign, date the application and return it via the most convenient method; i.e., email to ims@imsonline.org, fax to (317) 262-5609, or mail to 631 E. New York St., Indianapolis, IN 46202-3706. Please be sure to include a check for dues or call our office to expedite this process by paying with a Visa, MasterCard or AMEX card.

How can I obtain a copy of my records?2018-09-19T20:32:32+00:00
Whether a physician moved, retired, or passed away, we try to determine where patient records are kept. IMS has NO medical records in their possession. Physicians are required by an Indiana statute, to maintain patient records seven years after the date of your last visit. You will be asked to sign a Records Release Form by the physician before they can provide you with a copy of your information. You will also be charged a fee for this information, also established by Indiana Code.
What if I have a complaint against my doctor?2018-09-19T20:32:18+00:00

If the physician is an IMS Member, there is a formal review process through the IMS’s Commission on Professional Affairs. You will need to provide a brief overview of your concern so that Release of Information forms might be sent to you. The Society does not review any complaints related to fees. If the physician you are inquiring about is not an IMS Member, then you are referred to the Consumer Protection Division of the Indiana Attorney General’s Office at (317) 232-6330.

Do you provide physician referrals?2018-09-19T17:27:36+00:00

Yes, we have more than 1,800 IMS Physicians in the greater Indianapolis and Marion County area. We can provide names of physicians by specialty or zip code, as you prefer. Generally, you will be provided with three names of physicians within the specialty you are seeking or zip code.

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